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About Us

Kitchen skills 2 Custom.JPGThis website ("HappyChristmas.ie”) is provided by NCBI (National Council for the Blind of Ireland).

NCBI is a company limited by guarantee (registered in Ireland No. 26293).

Our registered office is at Whitworth Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9. NCBI is also a registered Charity (chy4626).


NCBI is a not for profit charitable organisation which offers support and services nationwide to people experiencing difficulties with their eyesight.

About 18 per cent of people using NCBI’s services are completely blind, while 82 per cent have varying degrees of usable vision. We were established in 1931 to promote the full independence of people who are blind or vision impaired and now provide a range of services to over 14,600 people.

NCBI also provides a range of services to public and private organisations so that their services are accessible to people who are blind and vision impaired.


What we do

Community based services

We offer a range of services to assist people with vision impairments to adapt to their situation and maintain their independence. These services, which include advice and information as well as emotional and practical support, can be provided to people at home or in one of our resource centres, which are situated throughout the country.

Our services are available to people of all ages, from birth through to senior citizens. Our community based staff act as the key link between the people we work with and the services we provide.


Low vision service

Our regionally based low vision service can be visited by anyone experiencing difficulty with their eyesight. Here, an optometrist assesses a person’s vision and, working alongside other staff evaluate the impact that sight loss may be having on that person, before prescribing low vision and technical aids which can assist that person in their daily life.


Rehabilitation and mobility training

Mobility 2 Custom.JPGNCBI offers training in independent living skills and provides practical solutions to enable people with sight loss to carry out everyday tasks safely and independently. Our orientation and mobility programme supports people in effectively using their residual vision or mobility aids to get around independently.



Professional and Peer counselling

In addition to our professional counsellors, we also provide support through a team of trained peer counsellors who have personal experience of varying degrees of sight loss. They draw on their training and personal experience of vision impairment in providing services and support to people.


Braille, audio and large print library

PC Custom.JPGNCBI’s libraries in Dublin and Cork provide a national braille, audio and large print book service to 5,000 people throughout the country. The library holds more than 10,000 audio, braille and large print books, and sources many more books from other international libraries. We also provide newspapers, popular Irish magazines and journals on audio and in braille to over 1,500 subscribers.



Media Conversion Service (MCS)

NCBI’s Media Conversion Service (MCS) provides a braille unit and five audio recording studios and is the largest provider of braille and audio material in Ireland. MCS produces material and information in braille and audio formats for people who are blind and vision impaired and to a range of public and private organisations.


Assistive technology

Magnification Custom.JPGNCBI provides a wide range of assistive technology which can assist people experiencing difficulties with their sight to live independently and to fully participate in society. NCBI also offers guidance in selecting and using these technical aids and supports.



Centre for Inclusive Technology (CFIT)

NCBI promotes the accessible design of technology for use by everyone, including people with disabilities. CFIT works with public and private organisations to establish standards and to ensure that technologies are accessible. www.cfit.ie


Resource centres

An extensive range of large print, tactile and audible aids are available from NCBI’s regional resource centres and online at www.ncbi.ie

NCBI provides specialised services and support to children with vision impairments, including at our Early Learning Centre in Dublin which works with children from birth to six years of age. www.visionline.ie is an online discussion forum which is available to parents of children with impaired vision.

Our resource centres provide a wide range of classes and activities for adults, including computer training, fitness classes, art and a wide range of other recreations and training.



NCBI provides advice to both employers and employees on application procedures, interviews and career advancement, as well as advice on what adaptations can be made to assist a person with a vision impairment in the workplace and on the grants that may be available.

If you or someone you know is experiencing problems with their sight, NCBI can help. For more information on NCBI or to find your nearest office contact:


National Council for the Blind of Ireland

Whitworth Road,

Drumcondra, Dublin 9.






Tel: 01 8307033

Fax: 01 8307787

Lo call: 1850 33 43 53

Email: info@ncbi.ie

Web: www.ncbi.ie

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NCBI offers support and services nationwide to people experiencing difficulties with their eyesight.

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